Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Talk

Can we talk about the Olympics? We've been diligently watching every night and will need a few days to recuperate from the late nights once it's all over!

What I really need to discuss is the men's figure skating event. I remember the Russian skater, Plushenko, from the last Olympics. I have to be honest...he wasn't my favorite then. In the wake of winning the silver instead of the gold it seems to me that he has been a very poor sport and has shown really unbecoming conduct. But when my friend Brian posted this article today I really couldn't believe what I was reading! Seriously? Plushenko has now decided that he won the Platinum? What Platinum?!?! What I think has been most impressive is how the gold medalist, Evan Lysacek, has handled the whole thing. He has been nothing less than a class act! They have both provided a great opportunity for me to talk to the children about sportsmanship and how to act gracefully in a disappointing situation.

Did you see the ice dancing competition? I'm not usually on fire about this event but how cute were the Canadians who one? Her costumes were so lovely (the others...not so much) and classic. At the end of their dance I was fully expecting a Cutting Edge moment (love that movie!) so I was disappointed when it didn't happen.

p.s. Also, does anyone else cry every other commercial? Proctor and Gamble's commercial about Moms gets me every single time.

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  1. i heard about the whole platinum thing!! crazy...but i agree Evan Lysacek really has handled it well. i shared about your blog a few posts ago on mine..i just love it!


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