Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Invitations for a doll party

I can hardly believe it but Grace is about to turn 8! As in 8 years old! Where, oh where, does time go?

She knew right away that she wanted to have a doll party (she loves playing with her American Girl doll that Santa brought for Christmas) where each girl brings along their doll to the party.
We used scrapbook paper to make the invitations, and I just love the polka dots! They helped to inspire the use of lots of color. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the different fabrics yet but I'm working on some ideas.


  1. That sounds so wonderful. I recently read this blog post and there may be some ideas you can adapt for Grace's party. Love, love, love planning birthdays, so I totally get what you are doing!

  2. So cute.

    Where did you find he polka dot paper? I have been looking for that exact paper...saw it on a blog...HELP!


  3. Eight! It is hard to believe we've had her to enjoy for eight years, and she becomes more delightful each year.

  4. I love the invitations as well....where did you get the pattern for the dress invitations? Did you free hand it to make a template?


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