Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paper chain

The children are super excited about a trip to Colorado that we have coming up. For the past week I have been fielding questions as to how many days we have left until we leave for our trip. I finally decided to make a paper chain with links for the days that we have left. As each day goes by we will take off a link until there are no more days/links left. I hope this will help the children to get a visual for how long of a wait it will be. At the last minute we decided to write on each link something that we hope to do while on vacation! You know, just to add to the excitement.


  1. I have to wonder about the cookie eating/escalator link.


  2. Hey guys don't forget us! We (Sam is coming too) are excited to hang out. Anything you can think of something that would be cool for "us" to do with the kids specifically.

  3. A jolly good way to anticipate the trip.


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