Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peony Painting

Peonies are a favorite of mine. I LOVE them. The beautiful colors, the ruffles upon ruffles and their romantic nature. They are perfection. So you can imagine that my heart beat a little faster when I found an oil painting of peonies in a local consignment shop. I waited (it was hard) until it reached its lowest price (it wasn't exactly a steal) and then I swooped in and grabbed it.

Unfortunately, the frame that the painting was in was not a favorite of mine, but seeing as it can cost both an arm and a leg to have something framed I needed to try to make do for now. I decided to spray paint the frame a bright, shiny white using RustOleum white lacquer.

I think that the new frame turned out well. I'm not sure that it's exactly what I would choose for a frame but for now it will certainly do. To be honest I don't even really notice the frame- the picture gets all my attention!

P.S. In the fall I planted a hedge of peonies. I can hardly wait to see what they do this spring!


  1. Awesome! I love peonies also. You planted a hedge of them. Great! We grew up on the farm with two or three peony 'bushes' of different colors. Only have one plant here. It came from my aunt and is white. I oil painted a bouquet once but yours is so much more enduring! Great choice.

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  4. P. S. I very much like the frame too.

  5. Peonies are my favorite too. And I think the frame is quite pretty all painted white. It adds to the romantic feel of the painting. :)

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