Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day (food)

We had a lovely, relaxed Valentine's day. We celebrated the day in my favorite way... eating lots of yummy food! It started with a late breakfast where my Mom joined us for heart pancakes, strawberries, an oven omelet and hot chocolate with heart marshmallows (and coffee for the adults!).

Grace and Harris made the place setting cards by making hearts with their fingerprints.

Dinner was a relaxed event and consisted of pizza made in the shape of a heart, salad with heart croutons and heart beets and strawberry milk. Years ago I made a similar salad and roasted the beets- it was a long and messy process. This year I bought a can of sliced beets- it was a lot easier and I honestly didn't notice a difference. I hope you all had a LOVEly Valentines!


  1. Such great food...I was really disappointed that you pepperonis were not in the shape of hearts...maybe next year!! :)


  2. That looks like a large loving undertaking for Valentine's Day. Ahh, to have such motivation once more. We ate calzones & strombolies perched together on high chairs whilst watching the Olympics at our favorite eatery.


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