Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Family Olympics

I'm going to go ahead and apologize for this epic post now. I couldn't help myself.

Our love for the Olympics is well documented. Here, here and even here. Fortunately for us, we know another family whose love for the Olympics rivels our own! So just as we did for the summer Olympics, we decided to hold our own Winter Family Olympics! The deal was made all the sweeter by the massive amounts of snow that we have gotten in the past few weeks! Perfect for the Winter Games.

The Olympians
Marshall, Grace, Hannah, Harris and Elliot
(Grace and Harris made the sign!)

Prepping for the first event with an Olympic official. Bryce had set up several games for the children, including building up a pretty fun sled hill. It helped that the gentleman who plowed our driveway deposited it at the very end!

The Torch Relay

Of course, every Olympics begin with the handing off and lighting of the torch. We made the torch following these instructions.
The first handoff.
Coming in to the homestretch!

The Downhill

Competition was tight.

Flying down the hill!

This event is not without it's risks...
but with skill you can right yourself!
We even had a two man bobsled team!

Snowball throwing
(You had to try to hit targets with the snowballs.)

(The children ran around the "snow track." Some needed more help than others.)

The Food

When everyone came inside we had dinner together and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies. We had to watch bits and pieces due to technical difficulties (we had recorded the night before but the DVD split and then we had difficulties streaming it off the web) but that didn't dampen the fun too much.

Gretchen and the boys made flags for many of the represented nations. Aren't they amazing? She put them in a pile of snow (technically mashed potatoes).

For dessert we had an Olympic Rings fruit pizza. I got the recipe from Taste of Home. I love how it turned out and it was easy! It will definitely become an Olympic staple.

Of course, no Olympics can be without gold medals. I made these following instructions from here. The real bonus is that there is a cookie inside!


  1. what fun! I like the Olympics but I had never thought of doing a party like this....might have to do that when the summer olympics come along. I esp. love the ring pizza:)

  2. Anna,
    You have really gone to a whole new level! Amazing!

  3. Love this idea!
    I was planning to do this on I have more Ideas! I will link them back to you! Thanks! =)

  4. What a fabulous idea!! I just threw my son an Olympics birthday party and LOVE your idea for the Olympics fruit pizza. I featured it on my blog at

  5. SO Cute! Love the torch, the food, everything. Your kids are very lucky, you make everything so much fun1

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