Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harris' Valentines

Like last year, Harris is not allowed to include candy in his Valentine's for school. We were already planning on making crayon hearts and as luck would have it I happened upon this printout from The Long Thread.

Several weeks ago I was thrilled to find silicone heart molds in the dollar isle of Target. We used our old crayons, peeled off the paper and chopped them into small pieces. We were able to break most of them, but I did have to use a butter knife to cut a few.

We popped them in the tin and then put them in a 275 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Everything was going swell until I opened the oven to check on them and discovered that the mold had started to melt! I couldn't believe it! Fortunately, it didn't do any harm to the hearts or my oven.

After the melted wax hardened, we peeled them out, flipped them over and admired all the bright, festive colors!


  1. Super cute. I love this project. I teach kindergarten so I always have lots of left over crayons that I melt into cute shapes. Love that you used them as Valentine's. Super super cute.

  2. Those crayon hearts are so great. Makes me wish I was a child doing all the fun things you do.

  3. I'm guessing Target was hoping for heart shaped ice cubes.

    Have you ever shaved chalk over a bowl of water? I don't know why this reminded me of this. I had this activity for my afterschoolers once (1991) and they only wanted to to the same thing every day for two weeks!!

    Cut construction paper into desired shapes (Can be seasonal or holiday shapes.)

    Fill a plastic dishpan with water.
    Have the children help grate various colors of chalk into powder.
    Let each child choose 2 or 3 colors of chalk and sprinkle the powder on top of the water.
    Next have children float a sheet of paper on top of the water to absorb the chalk design.
    Hang the shapes on a line or lay flat to dry.
    For variation use India ink on top of the water instead of chalk.
    Swirl to make a design, then lay the paper on the water's surface to absorb the design.

  4. So cute and colorful! That is such a bummer about the molds...at least they were only $1.

  5. You forgot to include that you threw the molds away!!! :)

    Cute project!


  6. Those are adorable. I saw the beginning of your post and thought, "I saw those and thought they were ice cube trays." Then I read the rest and laughed out loud. That is completely something I would do too!


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