Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amazing Grace

Grace is 8 today. Eight years ago our lives changed in a way we could never have anticipated. I never would have guessed how hard parenting can be or how rewarding. I never knew that you could love another person in the way that we love our Grace.

We think that Grace is amazing. Really and truly amazing. I'm so proud of who she is and who she is becoming. I feel truly blessed that I get to be her Mom. Here are the top ten things I love about Grace right now.

1. She loves her family and wants to spend time with them. Her parents, her brother, and her grandparents.

2. She's a good girl. She thinks of others and has a moral compass that she listens to and follows.

3. She gets excited about life and all that it has to offer. She has told us before that she wants to try and experience everything that she can while she is a child.

4. She loves being a child.

5. She loves to read.

6. She's at an age where she very much wants to be helpful (most of the time).

7. She has not yet gotten to point where she compares herself to others (my wish for her is that she never gets to that point). She is quite happy to be herself.

8. Her red hair and her freckles.

9. She has such a sensitive heart. Two years ago she watched the Curious George movie and she cried (a lot) when he was separated from the man in the yellow hat. To this day she cannot listen to the music that accompanied that movie. She cries at sad commercials and stories. (I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on this one!)

10. Her smile!


  1. Happy Birthday, Grace! We were talking about your birth last night at book club. It seems like just yesterday.
    Anna-Coming to NY in April to spend a few days. I'll email or call you to see if we can see one another while we are there.

  2. My oh my...time flies! Wasn't it yesterday that we were all standing in Grace's room waiting for her arrival?!

    Happy Birthday Grace!


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