Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day Treat and a Book

Happy Groundhog Day! We are in for 6 more weeks of winter (no surprise there!). It's still really cold outside so it was the perfect evening to have some groundhog day cocoa! I got the instructions here for making the furry- or should I say chocolatey- little fellow. The only change I made was to use another cookie for his shadow on the plate. He was super easy to put together and super cute.

As the children were drinking their hot chocolate I read them the story, Go to Sleep, Groundhog! by Judy Cox. We read this book every year, and I think everyone should have it! It's got great illustrations and a fun story. Groundhog can't go to sleep and keeps getting up to discover the various holidays that he usually misses. He's gently put back to sleep with a snack and a story by different characters representing the holidays.

We should all look this messy and happy after drinking hot cocoa!


  1. Ok that is so cute! We passed the day by without even a mention of Groundhog Day :(

  2. Cute little groundhog! I love his eyes.


  3. Are those mini Oreos for ears? I've never seen the small version. What a neat idea for a book and how great to have for a day often ignored. I recognize the place mats and am smiling.

  4. Love the chocolate face! So cute!


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