Thursday, September 4, 2008

School has Started

The school year is underway!  I did have to wake Grace up and she did ask if she could sleep "one more minute", but we managed to make it out the door and arrived on time (even without rushing!).  As we were leaving to walk up, we ran into our neighbors so the girls walked together.  Our school has "opening ceremonies" on the blacktop behind the building which is fun for the children.  The principal spoke about the Olympics and how the athletes work hard and set goals.  Then Tucker, the school mascot, came out to the Olympic theme and "lit" an Olympic "flame."  Then all the children, from kindergarten through fifth grade, sang the school song and the students marched into the school.  Grace looked a little nervous as she left.  None of her good girlfriends are in class with her, but I'm sure she will make good friends soon.  

About to go into the classroom.  She looks so big, doesn't she?!


  1. I'm so glad you like the teach me mommy ideas! Feel free to use any that you like! I have treasured those times with my little ones and they LOVE it! I hope Grace's first day of first grade was awesome :)

  2. Gran and Grandpa are enjoying this way to stay connected with our family. Anna, your creative and fun spirit is a blessing to our grandchildren.


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