Thursday, September 18, 2008

Angel Birthday Party

I was looking through some pictures today and came upon Grace's 5th birthday party. I love birthday parties for children. I think it goes along with my love of anything and everything themed! The angel party was one of my absolute favorite parties because it was just so pretty. Even though it was a year-and-a-half ago, I thought I would share it. I figured my vast readership (all 4 of you) wouldn't mind.

For me, the cake is the center of children's birthday parties. A few years before Grace turned five, I saw a cake in a Wilton cake magazine that was for a Christening. I thought it was so beautiful, and when Grace decided to have an angel party I was really excited to make the cake. Bryce thought I was crazy. Of course he always thinks that, but he also always comes around.

When we sent out the invitations we also sent angel costumes that I found on-line. The girls wore them to the party and they looked so precious and beautiful. I particulary love this photo because Hannah, who is standing behind Harris, looks especially angelic gazing down upon him!

For lunch we served angel hair pasta with halo bread. Besides the cake, we also had angel cookies and strawberries. The children took petite angle food cakes home with them.

Bryce and I have always made the children's birthday cakes and we love doing it. Honestly. It's our birthday tradition to stay up until the wee hours of the morning baking and decorating the cakes. Bryce is so detail oriented that he is really good at icing the cakes. Check out the hair and feet on the angels. He's really quite amazing!

During the party, the girls jumped on a small trampoline (the small, round, exercise type) to pretend to fly and made a sea shell angel craft.

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