Sunday, September 7, 2008

Porch Makeover Part 1

Here is the house when we first bought it. We have done extensive work on the inside but haven't touched much on the outside.....until now.

It all started innocently enough (it always does). We have a really nice wraparound porch that we have not done much with, which is a shame because it's one of the reasons we bought the house and what gives the house much of its exterior charm. Bryce and I decided to do a front porch makeover. So I thought I would share the makeover in parts.

We decided we wanted railings on the front porch and a bluestone walkway leading up to the stairs. After getting several estimates for the railings, and collecting many opinions, we nixed the railing idea. Apparently to make a railings for a radius is quite time consuming and costly. However, while getting estimates for the railing it was discovered that one of the piers that supports the porch was falling down. Of course. It shouldn't surprise Bryce and I - this house is 100+ years old and constantly has something that needs to be attended too. So we started to repair the pier which led to even more unfortunate discoveries. Finally, the radius was fixed and a nice column was in place where an ugly pole once was. We would eventually like to replace all the current columns with the new full columns. All in due time.

This is the radius on the porch and the pole we replaced with a column.

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  1. Anna, We really enjoy your Blog!! It really helps keep us in touch with what you and your family are doing. The time you spend composing each new addition to the blog is very much appreciated. After your week here in Colorado, we miss all of you even more!!

    Love from Gran and Grandpa AL


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