Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ode to Summer

I can't believe that summer is over!  We have had a great summer but it will be nice to get back in a routine and start things fresh.  I've always thought of the beginning of school as more of a new year than January 1.  We are about to go to our neighbors pool for one last swim, and then I feel like it is time to wrap up summer and start looking forward to fall.  I love fall.  
As a tribute to our summer, we all came up with our favorite things we did and compiled them in a top ten list.  Here they are (in order of appearance).....

At the beginning of the summer, I traveled to Atlanta for a Baby Club retreat.  This group of girlfriends has been getting together once a month for the past 9 years!  I try not to think about the fact that I have missed 36 meetings.  The beauty of our friendship is that when I do join them I never feel like I've missed anything.  I really miss them and the great bond that we share.   After the retreat, I also got to spend time with some of my other favorite friends and my sister.

While I was in Atlanta, Bryce took the children on a camping trip to celebrate the end of school. They had such a good time that we think they have started a new tradition.  What a great way to celebrate the end of a year!

Bryce's Aunt Lana and the children's cousin Brayden visited for a long weekend.  We had a lovely visit, and it was great for the children to play together.  I'm so glad they came.

The children participated in our community's Fourth of July races.  The whole event was charming and fun for all of us.  

Our trip to Shelburne Farms in Vermont was fantastic.  We had such a lovely time - the Inn was gracious and beautiful, the food was delicious (and fresh), and the children's barnyard was a delight.  Who knew Harris would be the chicken expert?

While in Vermont Bryce and I got a chance to celebrate our 12th anniversary (12th!).  The Inn got a babysitter for us and we went to dinner at the restaurant in the Inn.  It was probably the best meal we had all summer.  

We went to the shore a few times this summer and it was one of Grace's favorite things to do.  She loves the water!

Watching and celebrating the Olympics was a lot of fun.  From making the torches for the opening, watching the events and having a family olympics the whole thing was two weeks of fun!  I miss them (and Bob Costas).  Though I still wonder why the Mayor of London never buttoned his jacket at the closing ceremony.  Did anyone else find that odd and sloppy?

Our trip to Colorado was great.  We did a lot while we were there and the children loved spending time with Gran and Grandpa.  A great vacation all around.

Over the summer we got to spend time with family and friends.  We celebrated holiday's together and 1st birthdays together.  It's really a blessing to be surrounded by such great people. 


  1. I really enjoyed your top 10 list and your list of school clothes. How did you do that? did you find the pictures on line or did you somehow photo shopped a picture you took? I keep hoping to keep up a blog but my computer crashed, like REALLY crashed. I lost everything. I hope to restart Thursday. keep in touch

  2. What fun....love the picture from Vermont of you and Bryce.
    Can't wait for the Back to School dinner blog post....



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