Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Porch Makeover Part 2

After we fixed the radius on the porch we turned our attention to the stairs and walkway. The old concrete walkway came from the side of the house to the front of the stairs. It was about 12 inches wide and was completely covered by the massive rhododendron at the corner. We had put some temporary bluestone so that our mailman wouldn't have to walk through the grass everyday.

Our stairs and built in gutter were rotting in places and had to be replaced. The moulding for the gutter has been a bit of a issue, apparently they don't make the same profiles they did 100+ years ago. Anyway, we had a landscape company who ripped out the plantings, tore up the concrete and installed a bluestone walkway. We were very fortunate that a colleague of Bryce's had given us the bluestone! We had discussed doing the walkway ourselves, but I'm really glad we didn't because it turned out to be very involved and took a lot of time with a team of men working.

The day after the walkway was finished, I walked out on the porch and realized that something was not right. The walkway was crooked! Then to make matters worse Bryce placed the old stairs on the new footings and they looked like this....

Obviously, this just wouldn't do! So they came back out and had to take up the whole walkway and start over again! The second time was the charm and it turned out perfectly.

Up next, the stairs......

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