Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Customer Service and Kayce Hughes

I believe that good customer service is a dying art nowadays. It seems as if we are often disappointed by companies and how they handle-or don't handle-a problem. Kelly recently had a regretful conversation with a company that I thought prided itself on customer service and offering quality products (I seem to remember my sister having a similar situation with the same company). Now I'm looking for new photo albums because I don't want to deal with a company who just doesn't care if you are their customer or not.
So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I recently was when I ordered a dress from Kayce Hughes. I bought a dress that was on sale and called them up to check on sizing. They were very helpful with this issue, and so I ordered the dress online. The next day I received a phone call from one of the girls at the office. She explained that they were having a free shipping offer and asked if I knew about it. I did not. She said that they had refunded my money for the shipping, WITHOUT ME ASKING! Needless to say I will definitely check out their site again and tell my friends about it because I really appreciate a company who takes time to appreciate their costumers. Thank you Kayce Hughes.

P.S. I really like the dress I got. I think that it is great for fall and spring!

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  1. How nice to hear that you had a pleasant customer service experience. That is why I love shopping at Publix..."Shopping is a Pleasure"!!
    By the way, the dress to too cute. Maybe even with leggings when it gets cooler. I saw the ruffle dress and thought it would be great for me.
    Thanks for sharing


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