Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The School Cone

Tomorrow morning Grace will head off to first grade. Last year when she went to Kindergarten we gave her a school cone or a Schultuete. It is a german tradition to send school children off on their first day with a cone filled with school supplies and candy. Apparently some of the cones are bigger than the children! Well, I love a good tradition so I am claiming Bryce's German heritage. Grace really enjoyed getting it last year and I enjoyed buying for it. It isn't expensive to fill because it's mostly supplies that they need anyway. You can get one here (or you can make one).
My two favorite things in her cone this year.....

We got her pencils with her name on them and a "We love you" message on another. I dread when she is too old for that sort of thing.

Grace's school's mascot is an alligator. My friend Kristin got her daughter this inexpensive necklace since it is a gator. I figure imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The packaging is as cute as the necklace!

She also got a pencil case, a flower pencil cover that will stay home, socks to match her dress, Smarties candies and some Kisses (I bought dark chocolate since I "had" to buy the whole bag).


  1. I love that tradition and had never heard of it before. You are always in the know!!


  2. Neither had I!
    Though it makes sense - since Germans were the ones to come up with the 'Kindergarten' to begin with. How lovely.

    I admit I had to click on this post, because I couldn't think what these could be based on - all I could reference were dunce caps!


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