Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paint Colors

I'm not sure why picking paint colors is so difficult but it is.  

In choosing colors for our porch we were tied to the color of the house because we can't change that anytime soon.  The previous owners of the house had inexplicadly decided to paint every single surface the same shade of boring...I mean beige (I'm really not bitter).  I just can't understand their reasoning, try as I might.  

At the beginning of the summer when we first started our porch makeover, my first instinct was to paint our floor red.  Yes, red.  Then I second guessed myself.  I consulted parents, friends and professionals.  The professional was a neighbor of a friend who we often see at gatherings at my friend's house (does any of that make sense?).  She kindly offered to stop over and in five minutes flat gave me some great ideas.  I really liked her suggestions but they still didn't "feel" right.  So I went to a local paint store that has been recommended by a lot of people.  The owner of the store does free color consultations.  I left her store absolutely sure that I had my color palette down.  I was going to do a sage on the floor and a similar shade, but lighter, on the ceiling.  Fast forward a few weeks to when the painter was getting ready to come and paint.  

I decided that maybe I should go and get one of those cute sample bottles that Benjamin Moore makes.  I spread it out on the porch next to the house and immediately knew that it was all wrong.  I had a mild panic attack and went the next day and bought 3 more samples of green and then I went back and bought 2 more samples of different greens and on a whim picked up a red.  Then I went back and picked up one more red and two different blues.  Here is what my porch looks like after all the samples were done.....

The second color on the right was the original color I was going to do.  On the paint chip it looked like a really nice shade of sage but on my floor it just looks really washed out and not ideal for a porch that gets rather dirty.  *I decided to go with the dark red, I guess you should always trust your first instinct.  

In keeping with my southern heritage I would like to do a blue on the ceiling.  Of the people that have seen the colors it's pretty split about which one to go with.  I've already decided but am curious what you think, which one would you go for?  

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  1. Color decisions are so hard! What did you decide on for the floor?

    Spending lots of time in Charleston I am familiar with Haint Blue porch ceilings and I love it. Do you know about its origin? (I heard about it on a carraige ride last spring...) I found some neat info here..

    My choice is the lighter shade.



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