Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Poster for the Library Wall

For Christmas, my sister in-law, Jackie, gave me this adorable *vintage poster that reads, "Picturebooks are a family affair."  She found it at her church rummage sale and thought it was perfect for me, which it certainly is.  I immediately knew that I would hang it on our library wall in the office.  Fortunately, it is a standard poster size and therefore it was easy to find a frame for it at Michaels Craft Store.  I just love how it is such an appropriate (and cute!) piece of art for the library wall!

*Does 1984 count as vintage?  It's dated 1984 and from Current catalogue!


  1. This is too funny! I have the same print hanging in our playroom, I found it at our library book sale. It always makes me smile. I love your blog - it's been so inspiring to me, looking for family traditions for my young family. Thanks!

  2. Nicole- that is too funny, what are the chances? Thank you for your kind words, they made my morning!


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