Monday, January 7, 2013


A couple of weeks ago we had an occasion where we experienced thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness in a most unexpected place.  I'm writing about it because I want to remember how we felt and what an impact a simple gesture had on an evening.

On Grace's last evening performance of the Nutcracker we decided to go out for dinner before heading home.  We tried to go to two restaurants but, strangely, they were both closed.  We ended up at a Brewery where we were greeted by the general manager, Frank.  We chatted briefly with Frank who commented that they had just gotten very busy because the theater had just gotten out.  Bryce or I commented that Grace had performed in it and then we went to wait for a table.  A few minutes later, Frank circled back around and asked Grace more about her role.  I thought this in of itself was terribly kind because he was very busy and the story of a 10 year old ballet dancer did not seem like it would be very high on his radar.

During dinner, Frank came by the table with a bill envelope and told Bryce that there was something wrong with our reservations (which we didn't have).  Inside the envelope was a handwritten note that explained to Bryce that he would very much like to treat Grace to a fancy dessert because he was proud of her for performing on stage!   As he brought the dessert to Grace he said, "We have a lot of people who have attended a show at the theater but we've never had an actual performer."

I absolutely love that this man, who works at a brewery, took the time to hand write a note and give it to Bryce on the sly to surprise Grace.  It stunned me.  And I was so grateful to him for making Grace's evening special in a way that we couldn't have.  He made Grace feel like a star and, more importantly, he inspired us to try to be better, more thoughtful and kind.  It was a good reminder, and lesson, for all of us.


  1. That is awesome!
    What a special man!

  2. What a sweet story... I just love that.

  3. A very wonderful message for any and all. Neat that you shared the lead up to your arrival at that particular place at that particular time. Timing is what it's about.

  4. How wonderful! Pay it forward! Kindness is so very undervalued and underappreciated in today's fast-paced, digital world.

  5. How sweet! People really are wonderful. I bet that made her feel really special.


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