Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Gifts for Friends (with a Mistletoe theme)

Friends and I usually exchange small gifts for Christmas.  This year I knew exactly what I wanted to give and was so excited that I was on top of things.  But things did not go as smoothly as I would have liked, in that I waited to the last minute to start making the felt mistletoe that I wanted to give away.  Making the felt mistletoe was a complete failure from the beginner.  I tried several times to follow this tutorial but each time it just wouldn't come together, and so I switched over to a different kind of mistletoe and finally, my mom, who I had pulled in to help me, and I decided that it just wasn't working and I should order the mistletoe.  Of course, even though it was guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas, it arrived promptly on December 26th!  Thus, my friends received mistletoe for next Christmas!

Continuing my mistletoe theme, I made our favorite lip balm for kissable lips and gave red polish for happy mistleTOES.


  1. I loved this idea so much that I just tracked down some of that mistletoe (on sale at one of their stores) to tuck away for next Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  2. Oh no, I'm curious to know what went wrong. It's freaky how many of the same things we must be pinning and similar taste in crafty projects. I had all the stuff to make one of these from the same tutorial and never got around to it. I was just staring down the Joann's bag deciding if I was going to just return the supplies until next year or give it a shot. The tutorial made it look fairly straightforward, but the whole running stitch/gather, I guess could be hard. And I bought felt, but then realized that maybe they used fleece. Either way, I'm curious what you figured out. Maybe I will throw in the towel after all! Love how you packaged the whole idea...might have to do the same (if I ever figure out how to make the cute mistletoe or where to buy it!).


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