Thursday, January 24, 2013

Santa's Gifts

I know that we are well past Christmas, but this post is for my friend Ashley who reminded me that I hadn't ever written her favorite post of the year!  I usually post some pictures of what the children received from Santa and I neglected to do that this year.  Once I went back and looked at the photos I think it was because I didn't get very good pictures!

(try to ignore that pile of random stuff in the corner- those were not gifts!)

A few notes on Santa's gifts
* The majority of the children's gifts come from Santa.  We only give them one or two from us.
*Santa doesn't ever wrap the children's gifts.  I don't think it's laziness but rather he just doesn't have time and how would they all fit in his bag?
*There is always Glee gum and a special Christmas orange in the children's stockings.  He's pretty consistent with that.

Also, the story of Harris' wallet is sort of funny.  Last year, he asked for, and received, this very same wallet.  However, much to his dismay it disappeared on Christmas!  We are pretty sure it accidentily got tossed in the garbage.  All year he has waited for the opportunity to ask for another one (because clearly he can't just buy one, this one was from Santa!).  Fortunately, he did get a new one and inside was a Santa bill!  


  1. Thank you, thank you! I love how thoughtful every gift is. Santa is one great guy!

  2. Love the gift choices! I must say I looove that you gave both kids boy and girl legos... don't know when they became such a boy thing, but I always thought they were cool! Looks like santa has great taste.

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