Monday, January 28, 2013

A Gnome House

Way back in the fall when Al and Marilyn, Bryce's parents, visited they brought a beautiful surprise for Harris to work on.  A gnome house!  As you many recall, Harris has a love for gnomes, but never builds houses for them because everyone knows that they live in trees or under trees (though he did dig a giant hole in the garden this summer with the intent of gnomes moving in).

The gnome house that Al built is perfect in every way.  I believe he hollowed it out himself and then added all the sweet details such as the door, the round window, the chimney and roof.

The little door even has a hinge on it so that it properly opens and closes.

Marilyn brought all sorts of goodies for Harris (and Grace) to add to the house.  The finished product is simply darling and I'm sure any gnome with good taste would certainly move right in.

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