Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Handmade Holiday- Part 2

Everyone got in the spirit of making gifts this year.  Here are some of our favorites...

(please try to ignore me in this picture and focus on how happy Harris is as I unwrap his gift!  Isn't that how we all secretly feel when we give a gift that we just know someone will love?)

Harris decided that he wanted to make his Grandma a paper mache chicken!  We were stumped as to how to proceed, but he had a definite vision and led the way.  I can't believe how darling it turned out!

Bryce and Harris worked together to make me a beautiful bath tray to use in the tub.  I've already used it and I LOVE it.  Honestly, it makes it much more special knowing they spent time together in the "workshop" making it together.  Grace made me a set of beeswax candles which are perfect in the tray!

Grace (with Grandma's help) made her Dad rice handwarmers.

Harris made his Gran and Grandpa a set of Christmas beeswax candles.

Bryce made the children a wooden swing to put on our favorite tree!

P.S.  Grace also made soaps for her Grandparents but I somehow didn't get a shot before they were wrapped!


  1. Looks like the newly organized work 'shop' is getting a very good work 'out'. Great hand-made gifts! And no injuries I assume.


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