Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite Things #28

I have a love for postage stamps. Particularly, ones that match a theme for an event or party that I'm hosting.  So maybe it's not a love for postage stamps as much as it is a love for special details?

It all started years ago when we had a ballet birthday party for Grace, and I decided that I must have ballerina postage stamps for her invitations.  There were not any current ones, so I ended up driving into downtown Atlanta to a random business that sold old postage stamps!  When we moved here, I did the same thing in order to pick up "year of the monkey" stamps for Harris' first birthday party which was a monkey theme!  I almost always make an effort to find a special stamp when I'm sending out invitations and I simply love the stamps I found for my dinner invitation.  I even bought lots of extra sheets to have for future use!

What I love about these stamps is that not only are they lovely but they share the incredible effort of  Lady Bird Johnson to "keep the beauty of the landscape as we remember it in our youth.. and to leave this splendor for our grandchildren."  I'm astonished at how ahead of her time she was as she pushed for conservation and beautification of our landscape.  I adore the important message that her campaign sent to the masses; that beauty is important and that we must work hard to preserve and create that beauty around us.  Isn't that the truth?


  1. I love your eye for details!
    I wish I had just a small bit of it in me!

  2. So neat!!!!! I love vintage postage staps too. You are remarkable in your creative visions!!!


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