Sunday, January 27, 2013

Date Night with Harris

(all photos were taken on my phone without a flash, so they are pretty poor quality!)

Friday evening, Bryce and I took each of the children out for "date night."  Our kids love going on individual dates with us and we are making an effort to make them happen a little more often.  It seems to me that going on an individual date is a win-win situation for all involved.  We usually switch off every other time so that we get equal time with the children and they with us.

We also try to model what a "date" might look like with the hope that when the time comes both children will be comfortable and know what they can and should expect from their prospective dates!  It sounds kind of silly, but I'm sort of taking the "it's never too early" approach. To that end, Bryce and Harris made a trip to the (grocery) store and picked Grace and I up some flowers. (Flowers aren't an every date occurrence but it's more about the gesture and thoughtfulness.)

Harris and I went out to eat at a restaurant that we don't usually frequent which was a fun change for both of us.  

Another lovely thing about individual dates is the conversations that you might not otherwise have.  It happened to be snowing during our date (we even had a small snowball fight in the parking lot!) and when I asked Harris why he thought the snow was particularly sparkly he said, completely seriously, "cause snow is magic."  That made me happy.

While we were waiting for the check, Harris decided that we should take silly pictures of ourselves.  They certainly weren't the most flattering pictures but we sure did laugh a lot.

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  1. I am not sure there is anything as special and important as specials or dates with our kids! This is an awesome evening!


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