Monday, January 21, 2013

The African Cemetery

We had a day off today to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and decided to take a little time this morning to finally explore the African American Cemetery in our town.  We must have walked by the sign for this cemetery 100 times but have never walked through.  I really like cemeteries,  I don't usually find them depressing or spooky but rather beautiful and peaceful.

I'm always fascinated by the headstones and the names engraved on them.  It makes me wonder what their lives were like, especially in a time when we had specific cemeteries to bury African Americans in.  Many of the headstones we saw today were so worn by the weather that they were barely decipherable.  I was also struck at how young many of those that were buried there were.


  1. Oh to live in the east where there is so much history nearby! We have things here in Co, but it is mostly western history, indian history etc, which gets old when you grow up around it. You are very lucky. What a great way to spend MLK day.

  2. Where have I been?
    I have missed so many fantastic posts!
    This is a great idea!


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