Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ornaments 2008

For as long as I can remember, my Mom has given us Christmas ornaments at the beginning of the Christmas season.  My favorite ones were the ones that were symbolic of the past year.  Every year as we unload the ornaments for our tree trimming we take a walk down memory lane.  I love our tree because not only is it beautiful but it's a symbol of our life and family.

When we got married, Bryce and I continued the tradition by giving each other ornaments and always seeking out ornaments when we went on vacation or did something special.  As the children were born we did the same for them.  I suspect that by the time each of the children have a home of their own they will have amassed quite a collection of Christmas ornaments for their own tree.  

This year we got a tooth for Grace because she lost her first tooth back in July.  Harris got a pirate ship because he and Bryce built the ship playhouse and he is all about playing pirates.

We also added several other ornaments to our collection.  We bought one from Shelbourne Farms, where we went on vacation, and one from our trip to Colorado.  I was thrilled to discover that Grace's grammar school was also offering one that is a pewter replica of the school.  

Our tree trimming is tonight and I'm excited to revisit fond memories and put new ones on the tree.


  1. I hope you guys are having a great evening decorating the house! The ornaments are adorable. What a cherished tradition!

  2. Love this year's ornaments. I remember last year (or the one before) when Grace got the nurse with the shot...poor girl!

    I hope the Tree Trimming was greta fun!


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