Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This morning we celebrated Harris' birthday with cakes...pancakes that is!  My Mom joined us and we ate together and then opened gifts.  He loved everything he got and truth be told so did Grace!  We spent the rest of the day (I didn't get out of my pajamas until noon) lounging about the house playing with his new loot.  We had a great birthday!

Harris and his Grandma

Opening gifts and very excited!

We strung up this banner in the dining room and lined the stairs with balloons!  


  1. What a fun way to mark a very special day!

  2. Anna,
    I am a friend and neighbor of Al and Marilyn and am enjoying reading your blog. Looks like Harris had a great birthday!
    I have a granddaughter (one of four grandchildren)who will be 4 in April. Her mother, my daughter, is also named Anna. Anna's first husband's name is Bryce Allen, so imagine my surprise when I met Al and Marilyn and they kept mentioning Bryce and Anna!
    Anyway, I just thought I'd say "hello" and let you know I am reading and enjoying all your photos.


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