Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pirate Party!

Today was the big day for Captain Curly! The weather did not cooperate with us which was a big disappointment but we had a great time anyway!

My dear husband worked really hard to get the pirate ship seaworthy (or at least kidworthy!) and it was a huge hit with the children--for the five minutes they had to play on it before the rain started coming down! We had to move the party indoors!

As the children came in we gave them an eyepatch and drew moustaches on those that wanted one. We started off by reading a book about how to talk like a pirate. Bryce read it in his very best pirate voice! Then it was time for a treasure hunt! We had chosen clues that could be used indoors as well as out (most of them). We followed the clues, found the map and then found the treasure! A treasure chest held all the favors - they were individual treasure chests filled with pirate coins, bubblegum coins, chocalate coins, and a spyglass.

After the treasure hunt we played Pin the Parrot on the Pirate. This was not a game we had planned (although if I had seen it I would have, it's really cute) but a really thoughtful idea of our neighbor, John. He showed up a few minutes into the party with this adorable party game. He had helped Bryce move the pirate ship before the party and knew that we had planned on being outside and thought this would give us something else to do inside. We are so glad that they are our neighbors! Thanks John!

After we played the games, it was time for lunch. Harris has been announcing for weeks that pirates don't use manners so we just let the children sit on the floor and eat! They had seaweed and an octopus (spinach pasta and a cut hotdog) and pirate booty. Harris tried to convince me to serve rum since that is what pirates drink, but I had to draw the line somewhere! Instead they drank Root Beer (non-caffeinated). Then it was time for the cake! I think the cake turned out really cute and Harris really liked it. We also had apples and gummi's to take home.

My Mom made all three of the children's costumes. They loved wearing them! Aarrghh....


  1. Boy...the party turned out great! Looks juts like you planned for it to be inside! :)
    I know Harris had a wonderful day!
    Grace looks like quite the "pirate wench" on the ship! :)

  2. Wow what a great party!! Almost wish I was 4 again!! Harris is a great pirate!! Also, think that Grace is the prettiest girl pirate we have ever seen!! That is a really impressive Pirate Ship Bryce is building!! Your Birthday theme parties are incredible!! Wish we were there!!!

  3. WOW! What fun! It's parties like yours that make me think that I'm not crazy to decide on a birthday party theme a year in advance so I can work on it all year long! The pirate ship is amazing!

  4. Shiver me timbers! It looks like it was a fantastic and memorable party! I never cease to be amazed by your party planning abilities!

  5. Oh my! What an incredible birthday party you had for your precious Harris. The pirate ship is amazing and the entire party looked like one any child OR adult would want to be at! I can feel the love as I read through your blog. Being the mom of two big, grown up boys, I must say you are doing momhood & dadhood right...enjoy every moment, cherish every hug and thank God for the gift of family. Thanks for sharing your blog! Lori

  6. How fabulous!!!! All the details were amazing!

  7. what a darling party!! so fun!! I hope you have a really wonderful day!! hugs!! Britt :-)


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