Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grace's Room

Every year before the holidays the children have to clean out their rooms and select toys they no longer play with to give away.  We went through Grace's room this weekend and she is giving away a good many things.  Some of them made me a bit sad to see them go (Angelina Ballerina, I never thought she'd outgrow her!) and others I was ready to see go.

Since we were already cleaning out her room we decided to move a few things around.  Now that she has homework on a regular basis I wanted her bookshelf near her desk/vanity.  We cleared off the vanity and added a canister for pencils.  We still need to add a lamp by the desk. 

We kept her little table in her room because she still uses it for doing crafts and it's convenient when she has a friend over because they can work together.  

One of my favorite things in Grace's room is the medallion that is over her chandelier.  It says, Dance, Sing, Laugh and Play.  I love that as she lays in bed in the morning that is the message she sees.  That is how children's lives should be lived.

My mother-in-law, Marilyn, made Grace's amazing quilt.  She made little dresses (each one different) all over the quilt.  It is so beautiful and so special to Grace and me.  My mom made the curtains in her room so it was truly a family affair!  Grace loves her room.

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  1. wow is all I can say. I really think you are an amazing woman. I hope Harris and Grace always know and remember what wonderful parents they have.


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