Friday, November 14, 2008

Mercy Watson

Grace and I are big fans of the Mercy Watson series by Kate Dicamillo. It's a great fit for Grace because it's a chapter book, which she wants to be able to read, but it's also on her level. The words are spaced nicely and in a relatively large font, there are fun colorful illustrations on almost every page and most importantly, the story is really good! (I'm not a big fan of early readers where every word rhythms with cat and mat and doesn't actually tell a story).
When Grace came home and had been assigned to do her first "unconventional book report" we knew just what book to read. Fortunately our library had one that we had not read.
She had fun making her hand puppet and it turned out really cute.

She came up with the idea to use the milk lid for the pigs snout, I knew there was a reason I was saving all these crazy "craft" things!


  1. Hallelujah! Grandma is no longer the only one keeping "crazy" craft stuff! For years, my daughter would ask WHY?
    Now she knows! Grace's puppet is very creative, and she is blessed with a very imaginative array of ideas. What a terrific book report, Grace!

    Love, Grandma

  2. How excellent is that! What a perfect nose! Even tho this Gran is far away in Colorado, a fair-sized collection of craft items are piling up for the next happy visit from the east.

  3. Can you believe that Grace is old enough to be doing book projects??

    Cute pig!


  4. Cute project. I think it is great that you save all sorts of crafty - or potentially crafty things. I love re-using "junk." Hey, hop on over to my blog today because I am hosting a giveaway! Best wishes.


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