Sunday, November 23, 2008

Harris is sick

Harris is suffering from what seems to be a very painful ear infection.  As long as we keep up with the Motrin all is well, but he is a bit pathetic as the medicine wears off.  It came on very suddenly in the middle of the night.  Why is it that things seem so much more dramatic and horrible when it is dark outside?  

One of the things (besides ibuprofen) that I'm thankful for is our hot water bottle.  It has seemed to give him comfort physically and mentally.  I must confess that I love hot water bottles so much that we have two.  One is a sheep and the other is a frog.  After all, you never know when both children will be sick at the same time.  

P.S.  As cold as it has been here, I'm also thinking that we might have to take to sleeping with them at the foot of our bed as they did in the old days!

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