Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tree Trimming

We are a family of traditions and one of the first traditions we started (with my Mom and my sister) was our tree trimming dinner.  We have made the exact same dish every year since 1994.  We gather together to trim the tree, exchange this year's ornaments and enjoy the start of the Christmas season.  This year was a lot of fun and our tree is the most beautiful tree we've ever had (we say that every year, don't you?).  

While I cooked dinner and Bryce strung the lights on the tree the children decorated tree shaped cookies with my Mom.  

  In addition to the ornaments we gave the children, they each got an ornament from Gran and Grandpa and from Grandma.  Grace got two lovely fairies and Harris got a pirate and an owl with moving wings.  Those were the first ornaments to go on the tree!

Our traditional dinner of Pasta with Ginger Prawns.  

Putting up the tree was a little more difficult than normal.  Our stand and the hole that was drilled in the tree weren't compatible and so our tree wouldn't stand up straight.  It was a family effort to try various things (one of which involved me running into a rubber mallet with my nose!) to get it to stand straight and tall.  When none of our methods worked I had to go out in the rain (why couldn't it be snow?) to purchase a new stand from the lot where we bought our tree.    


  1. The tree is GORGEOUS! It looks like a painting! I can't wait to get ours up!

  2. Last evening was very special sharing. Wish we could share our snow. Perhaps you can join us when we decorate our tree. Those cookies look yummy.

  3. It looks beautiful! What a fun night.

    I think we have the same stand and we had the same problems this year. Billy had to hammer and hammer to get it on straight. But I like how secure it is. I am a stickler about a secure tree! :)


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