Monday, November 3, 2008

Porch Makeover: Finale

Remember our front porch makeover?  Well it is finally finished!  We had a few issues with the paint drying and it took way longer than we thought it would but we are really happy with the results.  It changed the way the house looks on the outside.  I'm very happy that I went with the red floor!  I also really like the blue ceiling, it's subtle but very pretty.  We've already planted some boxwoods but have a good bit more planting to do.  Most of that will probably have to wait until the spring.  

The Details

 Our light before....

and after.

The vestibule door handle before....

and after.

We got a new mailbox (I'm not sure why it looks dirty in this picture) and since I couldn't find one that had a pocket on the front for outgoing mail I had a welder put one on.  

We already had the furniture but we got new cushions for all the pieces.  The fabric has little ladybugs and dragonflies on it.  


  1. It look so inviting!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW that looks great. Your house looks so inviting.


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