Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vintage Toys

I've been making my Christmas lists and going over what to buy the children.  In doing so I've been thinking about the quality of toys that we buy for our children.  

Over the summer while we were were visiting Bryce's parents in Colorado I discovered that they had kept a lot of Bryce's old toys.  My mom had done the same thing and the children are still playing with them.  They seem to have multiple uses instead of just one set way to play.  It makes me wonder why many toy manufactures have veered away from the timeless and classic toys to toys that are plastic and don't require much creative thinking and play.  Many of todays toys are loud, tell you how to play and don't have very good design.  

Of course there are many good toys out there but you have to hunt for them.  We are lucky that we have a terrific toy store here in our town.  They carry toys that require imaginative play and that can be adaptable to different circumstances.  Looking at the toys that Bryce used and that my sister and I played with has helped me to look around at the toys we own and that we might purchase and question whether in 30 years they will be just as useful as they are now.  I guess that is what makes a classic a classic.

P.S.  The record player is my favorite!  I think it would look great in our attic playroom, then we could listen to all the old records that my mom kept such as Puff the Magic Dragon.  (I know that is a shameless plug but I couldn't help it!)


  1. AnnaKate loves many of our old toys. My sister saved her kids toys from 6-10 years ago and brought them over just recently. They are great timeless toys that AnnaKate just loves.
    I have now idea what to get AK for Christmas. I have the small things but nothing big..maybe this year it will be small things.

  2. What a pleasant surprise to see the toy photos I was just printing for our album of your visit...on the blog!
    Your "shameless plug" only confirms that what you have in mind for the record player, is what we agree is a wonderful use for it. Perhaps some of Bryce's 45's can be re-enjoyed as well. G'pa has determined he is unable to do the repair, and remembering to find a repair place has been the delay.
    Resolve to do so......renewed!

  3. You are so right. As many battery powered toys we have, my son loves Mr. Potato head and his Fisher Price little people. I had these toys too. Makes me smile!

  4. I never like to collect toys, it takes up too much space.


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