Sunday, November 16, 2008

House Rules

We skipped church this morning.  We had good intentions when we got up but the windy, gray skies and cold temps deterred.  Bryce and Grace suggested that we have church at home.  Grace ended up leading the "service" and she started us out with music from Vacation Bible School and then read us a chapter from her children's Bible.  It was about the Ten Commandments and we went through and discussed the meaning of each one.

We had a great discussion and I have to admit that I think I got more out of our service at home than I might have at church.  What Grace picked was very timely for our family.  Bryce and I have been a bit frustrated lately because we don't feel like the children have been behaving as we think they should.  Also, we have not been reacting to this in a very constructive way.  We've gotten a little lax about enforcing our house rules and it has started to show.  Reading and discussing the Commandments (which were simplified for children) helped me to realize that we don't need elaborate rules because they have already been written for us.  We revisited our house rules and made a new commitment  to try to live our life as God would want us to.

P.S.  We decided that if we all followed rule #4 we wouldn't have to worry about the first three!


  1. Been missing my Princess and the Frog blog lately! :)

    What a nice idea! You could start making "at home" church a tradition.

    Did you see Bakerella's Turkey pops?...oh my....I want to make them tonight!

  2. I really like this day. thank you for sharing this stuff. It is amazing how much less detached I feel all of a sudden. I like knowing you a re reading ours too. Please share with Bryce.


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