Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vintage Silverware

Eighteen years ago when Bryce and I got married we got a lovely silverware set that we've used consistently for every single meal we've had at home.  Which is pretty awesome.  However, somewhere along the way we've inexplicably lost pieces here and there.  So if we had a larger group over for dinner or we just plowed through silverware in a day, we might not have enough.

I'd had my eye on these vintage silverware sets for awhile and when I found a 20% off coupon and free shipping I decided to go for it.  I got a set of 8 place settings and I love them!  I think that the mix of all different patterns is charming and yet the monogram helps to bring some unity to the whole.  I also love that they came with soup spoons!

I love silver for it's beautiful and special glow and these silver plate utensils are no exception.  Quite simply they are just plain pretty.  They make a simple salad or a bowl of oatmeal just a little bit more special (I know that sounds crazy but they do.).

A few notes:

The care instructions with the utensils recommends not using the dishwasher for them but we totally do and have had no negative consequences.  However, we do use a soap that is gentler on our dishes.

The knives aren't awesome.  They are pretty dull and we had a knife or two that rusted at the joint.  Napa Style did replace them without any problem.


  1. With Halloween behind me....I have a minute of quite time! My husband suggested I read a book..but I just wanted to sit down and catch up on your blog!:) It's better than a book! LOve this silverware!!

  2. Wow! This is so elegant collections of sterling silver spoons and forks. I love this astonishing assemblage and this will make your dining table so entertaining while you enjoyed meal. One can also check more gorgeous collections of sterling tableware at here.


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