Sunday, October 5, 2014


We had such a lovely, lovely weekend.  I'm finding that the weeks are becoming blurred in the to and fro from after school activities, meetings, obligations, food preparation, etc. and so to have a weekend that is a relaxing mix of family and friend time is just about perfect.

Friday evening, I met with my "God group" and even though I was late, I was so glad I went.  I tell you, sitting with a group of women who are open and honest about triumphs and struggles and everything in between is good for the soul.  Also, each of the children spent separate time with their Grandma this weekend- which is also good for the soul!

Saturday evening we had two other couples over for dinner.  I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different so we had a casual beer tasting!  I'm not even a big beer fan, but I loved trying the different brews.  We served three different beers; an Oktoberfest for the appetizers, a Pale Ale for the entree and an espresso stout for dessert!  I pretty much copied this menu exactly and it took all the guess work out of planning the menu!  I especially loved the appetizer board.  Oh, and the Beer Can Chicken was a novelty and very, very good.  We will be making it again for sure.

Sunday, after church, we decided that we could all really use a day doing something together as a family.  It was nice to focus on each other and I particularly enjoyed seeing Harris and Grace connect and have crazy, silly fun together.  Harris especially feels it when he doesn't have as much Grace time and he was so happy that I was so glad that we made the time for a hike in the woods.

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