Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Costumes 2014

Whew.  I feel like I am finally limping across the finish line for a race I didn't prepare for!  To say that the last week or so has been busy would be an understatement.  We've had pumpkin carvings, birthday parties, Halloween events, ballet, shoe fittings, family visits and more!  It's been great, but I'm tired!

This year the children's costumes were half put together from the thrift store and half made by Grandma!  Harris was Uncle Pennybags (the Monopoly Man) from his favorite board game, Monopoly.  We were able to find the perfect pants, jacket and hat at the thrift store.  My Mom made the bow-tie, the vest and his money bag which worked perfectly as a candy bag. Here he is with his "business man face" on; apparently they don't smile!

Grace was Morgana La Fay who is a sorceress from Arthurian legend.  Grace modeled herself after the character on the show Merlin.  Grandma made her cape and hood and we found a thrifted long dress to complete the ensemble.  Grace used curlers to try to get the hair just right!

Putting on red lipstick sure does change a persons look- just as Halloween should be!


  1. My they are growing up! Love the costumes!

  2. Great costumes! I must say Grace is a gorgeous girl! I love that the business man didn't smile!

  3. I hope Grace takes this as a compliment as for her father. In the bottom photo she looks exactly like Bryce wearing a wig and red lipstick. Maybe next year they should dress alike and go as twins!


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