Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Plz Take Pill (or Commence)

Every morning*, Harris has to take a PPI (protein pump inhibitor) pill to help reduce gastric acid that might be contributing to his EE.  He's been incredible about remembering to take the pill as soon as he wakes up.  However, the other morning he forgot, which really isn't the end of the world, and that night while tucking him into bed I found that he had made himself a reminder note and placed in on top of his alarm clock.  For some reason this note delighted me; it completely cracked me up that he included "please" on a note to himself!  (Note to self: work on spelling)

Two nights later, I noticed that the ante had been upped when Grace got into the mix and went all out for his reminder!  Needless to say he loves it!

*He only takes the PPI when a Scope is in the schedule

1 comment:

  1. Just too adorable! The sense of responsibility, and the obvious care of Grace and Harris for one another shines through! And, the good coming forth from a something not good.


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