Monday, October 27, 2014

Rainier Painting

As I've mentioned before we always try to get a book, an ornament and a piece of art (the art can take many forms!) when we go on a vacation.  My decorating philosophy- that sounds fancier than I mean it too- is to be surrounded by things we love and that have meaning to us.  While we were in Washington State this summer, we knew that we wanted to find a piece of art that represented Bryce's achievement of summitting Mt. Rainier.  However, there was never time to peruse any galleries or stores and so we came home knowing that we would have to look on the internet.

Originally, we thought we wanted a landscape of Rainier with the flower meadow in the foreground and we found some really lovely ones.  However, we kept coming back to the painting of Rainier with a city (village?) in the foreground.  Even though the foreground is clearly not Seattle, we loved that it represented our vacation in that we did make it to the city to explore.

The painting is not signed and we are under no delusions that it's some masterful piece of art but that doesn't matter as long as it speaks to us and we enjoy looking at it everyday!  The frame is a bit much for me, but for now it will have to do as frames are crazy expensive!



  1. That is possibly my favorite travel tradition I have ever heard! I wish I could implement that in my life...but our car is jam packed with kiddos...and I am always afraid of anything special making it home!


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