Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Notes from the Garden

Monday night we had our first frost.  I'd already started the garden clean-up but now everything else will start to come out.

Here are some notes and observations from our first vegetable garden...

Don't plant too many SunGold tomatoes in your tomato enthusiasm.  These little guys were delicious but they literally over ran everything else.  They were prolific to say the least.

Next year, try a trellis for the cucumbers so they don't take up as much room.

Everything needs a little more room than I gave them.  For instance, our pole beans were overtaken by the tomatoes so they didn't produce much.

Only plant what our family likes to eat.  I just put in lots of garlic since it's an almost daily essential in our kitchen.

The carrots and Brandywine tomatoes were our absolute favorite.

Order the Dahlias early so that you get the variety you want early.  The Cafe au Lait is pretty high on my list.

Perhaps I don't need one million zinnias.  Or maybe I do.

The birds and bees that are drawn to the garden make it a happier place to be.

Leave space for asparagus.

I need a bigger garden....



  1. It sounds like your first garden was a fine success. What a great gardening climate also.

  2. What a lovely garden picture of you! I love that you planted flowers too. That is a goal of mine for next year! Great job on your first season.


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