Friday, October 17, 2014

The Halloween Tree and 2013 Ornaments

We've recently put up our beloved Halloween tree!  The tree is really filling up but we get so much joy from studying each ornament and remembering the year that Harris was a frog, Grace was the infamous chicken or when they were both furry, fluffy animals.  The making of the ornaments is truly a labor of love for my Mom and they are priceless to me.

We added last years ornaments that we have just now finished making!  My Mom made the Phillie Phanatic to match the costume she made for Harris last year.  He turned out darling.

I was a bit flummoxed as to how to make Grace's Coke can ornament as she originally used a trash can for her costume.  I decided on using a mini Coke can and added clothespin legs to the bottom and straw to the top.  I think it turned out cute.


  1. This tree is sooo amazing - not only the crafting behind it, but all the priceless memories forever captured. I love everything about it!!!

  2. Such a great idea and wonderful memories for your family!

  3. Let me just say.....I ADORE YOUR HALLOWEEN TREE!


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