Friday, October 10, 2014

EE Update- The Allergist

this is about 3-4 minutes in- by the end of the 10 minutes his arms were a hot mess!

First, I would like to say that Harris is doing great!  He has taken to his new diet with such grace and ease and for that I am entirely thankful and I'm so very proud of him.  I'm also doing so much better than I was when I wrote the last update.  I feel more at peace with this being our path and no longer have so much of that fear that bubbled up and over when we first heard of his numbers and saw the state of his esophagus.  Having a plan and taking action has helped a lot!

Yesterday, we had our appointment with his allergist and we left feeling good about the whole visit (which lasted an entire two hours with no waiting- just with the doctor) and well taken care of.  We had lots of questions which were thoughtfully answered and discussed.

One of our big concerns and questions was about external allergies.  We've never noticed that Harris has struggled with seasonal allergies until this year when he was constantly sniffly for a good solid month (including when he had his scope).  We thought that it must be allergies because he felt fine otherwise, so we sort of ruled out a cold, etc.  Also, we have two cats that I was concerned were contributing to Harris' issues.  The more I read about new EE research the more I realized that environmental allergies can contribute though it should be noted that it's unlikely to do as much damage as Harris has on its own.

They no longer do food scratch testing for EE since it has shown to be absolutely unhelpful but the Dr. did want to do scratch testing for environmental allergens and a peanut/tree nut test to see if he is still anaphylactically allergic to nuts (he is).  It's interesting to me that when the Dr. examined Harris he asked him lots of questions about how he was feeling in general to which Harris answered "great" and "fine" or "no" when asked if he was ever itchy, uncomfortable, etc.  However, that's not how Harris presents.  For example, the Dr. called us over to look at Harris' eyes which were red at the bottom (when you pull down on the skin) and told us that that was not normal- nor was his nose.  He believes that Harris possibly just doesn't know any difference and therefore doesn't ever complain.

It was obvious within the first few minutes of the scratch test that Harris was allergic to basically everything both inside and outside.  In fact, when the nurse came in to take measurements she joked that Harris would need a bubble.  However, I have to stress that as bad as that sounds, Harris is not constantly uncomfortable!  I've seen children who have terrible seasonal allergies or cat/dog/dust allergies and Harris doesn't react like that!  But it could be contributing to his EE so we will start some treatment for those environmental allergies.

In summary, Harris is still off of dairy, wheat, corn, and nuts.  He's continuing to take an acid blocker and will start treatment for environmental allergies.  In two months he will have another scope to see where we are.  And that's it for now.

P.S.  The more I read about our digestive systems, our food (sources), GMO's and organic vs. non organic I feel as if I have had blinders on for years but that's a whole other topic of discussion.


  1. Wow! Good for you guys for finding out these answers! Poor little guy! I am sure you will get to the bottom of it all.

  2. So I am just catching up on your blog...I wanted to tell you my experience with allergies. I had some allergies as a child, of that I am sure, but 40 years ago parents weren't as aware, so we just carried on. As an adult they got so much worse. After my 3rd bout with pneumonia, I got to see an allergy specialist. I ended up being allergic to everything too. The doctor told me if my allergies had been treated as a child, I might not have gotten so bad. For 2 years I got 4 shots a week. It totally changed my life! There are 3 life changing decisions that have impacted my life for the better, and taking control of my allergies is one of them. I applaud you for being so proactive for HArris.


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