Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Favorite Things #45

This past summer, when we ate at the top of the Space Needle, I ordered Dry Lavender Soda since it was local to the area and I love lavender.  It was surprisingly good, and I've kept my eye open for it ever since.  Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to find it and shipping costs were too high for me to consider ordering and shipping.  However, since I've been feeding Harris differently, I've also been shopping at new to me places where I made the happy discovery that Dry Soda was recently added to their stock list (it's a health food type store).  Hurrah!  

It's not an everyday type of soda for me (or even once a week), but it is a refreshing drink and would also be fun in cocktails.  It's not very sweet, but I really like the subtle flavor.  I've tried a few of the other flavors but lavender is by far my favorite.  


  1. I will have to look for that. Would be a fun treat!

  2. My favorite part of this post is that your soda screams you! Classy!!


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