Monday, September 1, 2014

Airstream Adventure #6- The Adirondacks

Last week, we took an end of the summer Airstream trip to the Adirondacks.  It was a truly wonderful trip that was full of all the best of what summer offers.  Here are some snapshots...

Our campsite, at Fish Creek Pond Campground, was amazing.  We were right on the lake and were able to open up The SilverFrog to enjoy terrific views everyday.  Also, the children were able to play and swim in the lake right from our site which kept everyone happy and occupied.

At the site next to ours, which happened to be empty, there was a rope swing that was amazing and so, so fun for the children.  I can't think of a more quintessential summer activity!

 The most darling ice-cream truck would make its way around the campground offering up scooped ice cream cones!  It had bells on its wheels to let you know it was coming and was utterly charming.

We had fires each night and I tried my hand at cooking in a dutch oven for the first time (it went well, but I need a bigger one).

We went kayaking for a full 7 hours one day- at the end of which I was fairly sure that I had lost the use of my arms.  We paddled through beautiful creeks and open water, we paddled to an island to have lunch amidst tall pines, we swam in the lake and warmed ourselves on the rocks, we even dubbed one rock a mini Rainier...

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  1. We have an insatiable appetite for your photos and stories as you know, so really enjoying this feast for the eyes.
    What a special outing for you all!


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