Friday, September 5, 2014

Two Back to School Ideas

One of the things both children look forward to at the start of another school year is receiving their school cones.  We started this tradition when Grace entered kindergarten and it's always fun for the children.  In fact, Grace recently mentioned that she was definitely continuing this tradition when she has children!

This year, in addition to a few other things, I had fun putting together a little bag of candy.  We don't have a ton of candy so it's always a treat.  I found all of these candies in one place at our local Market.  I added a little note to go with each candy:

To be a Smartie
To always be your Charming self and not a shrinking Violet.
Nerds are cool, Airheads are not!

Also, I made these school book sandwiches for the children's lunch.  Full disclosure: I checked with both children to see if they wanted a "themed" lunch or not.  I think they are at an age where I really want to be conscious and respectful of of their feelings in relation to their peers; I don't want to embarrass them!  They both chose to have the themed lunch.

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  1. Such cute ideas! Love the tortilla books and the tiny piece of notebook paper.


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