Monday, September 22, 2014

The End of Summer and a Few Thoughts on Picture Taking

It's hard to believe that the summer drew to a close this past weekend.  We had such a wonderful summer and as much as I've always loved fall, I'm sad to see summer go.  In looking back at blog posts over the summer, I see that there is so much I didn't post about.

Of course, our big trips were blogged about and a few other small things, but in general our day to day summer didn't make it to the blog.  We had beach trips, day trips, adventures with friends, movies on the lawn, a lovely wedding, pool days, popsicles, bike rides, visits from far away friends and even visitors from another country who were strangers when they arrived but certainly not when they left.

It certainly wasn't intentional to leave things out, but I think it's indicative of my efforts to not miss out on what's around me due to the camera.  Let me explain.  I've noticed that when I'm constantly asking the children to "look this way, or smile that way" it starts to cut into that moment in time and alter their experience and mine as well.  It can be annoying too to those that are just trying to enjoy themselves to be asked to pose all the time.  A friend recently put it into words when she said, "life is not a photo-shoot."  It's so simple but true!

As I've started enjoying taking photos more and more, I've also realized that what I really enjoy is capturing the details of the moment, event, etc. and I think that gives everyone a little bit more room to breath and enjoy the moment instead of posing for a picture.  It's easy enough for me to take more candids instead of posing and even easier to not lug my big camera around all the time.

This doesn't mean that I don't want a picture of all of us or the children smiling at the camera, but it does mean that sometimes as much as I might want to call to everyone to wait and "let me get a picture" that sometimes, certainly not all the time, but sometimes I'm going to stop myself.  Some things need to be savored in just our memories anyway.

(these are the Norwegian girls who stayed with us for 4 nights through our church-it was a wonderful experience)

*Each picture here was taken with my phone.  The irony that this post is about non-posing pictures and yet almost each picture here is smiling and looking at the camera is not lost on me.  

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  1. I have had the same issue this summer ! We have done so much but lately I would rather savor the moment. I just returned form another trip to Cape Cod and I ONLY took pics with my phone... crazy. I just didn't want to bother with the big one and posing and capturing. I just wanted to enjoy the trip. I have not posted much at all about our summer. :( I may have to do a catch up post!


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