Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I'd like to take a moment to thank, from the bottom of my heart, my family, friends and readers of this blog (many who have become friends) for the texts, calls, emails, recipes, doctor/nutritionist recommendations, encouragement and general good feelings that you have sent this way concerning Harris' EE.  I so appreciate each and every one for making us feel so loved and held.  Community is a beautiful thing and we have an abundance in you.  Thank you.

a pink sunset!

A while ago, Gretchen and I decided to embark on a "year of beauty."  It started with us discussing how we'd like to get into a little bit better shape, finding a beauty routine/products that feel good and work consistently, and generally taking the time to take care of ourselves as we've realized we are most certainly not getting any younger!

However, I've realized that just as important, or maybe more so, is recognizing the beauty of what surrounds us everyday.  It seems to me that this appreciation and gratitude can help to lead to a more beautiful inside which, of course, leads to a more beautiful outside.

Grace made a love potion out of rose petals, lavender and thyme- she didn't say who it was for!

I'm going to become a hanky person just to use little beauties such as this

As our world gets scarier and scarier (the headlines lately make me despair for our children and ourselves) and our own lives take twisty and divergent turns from what we imagined, I'm going to chase beauty in all its forms.  It's all around me if only I look up!

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  1. Your last paragraph could have been written by me. These are truly trying times. Thankfully, we ARE surrounded by beauty, as you say, if we but take a moment to focus on it. You don't have far to look, Anna. You live in the midst of a beautiful family. P.S. Lovely little hankies gave Grandma Neoma pleasure too.


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