Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Camp in the Adirondacks

While we were in the Adirondacks we were lucky enough to get invited by our dear friends to visit their camp for the day (we ended up going 2 days!).  The camp has been in their family since 1918 and the fifth generation is now enjoying it!

Our first day was overcast and chilly and therefore we spent the day hiking, playing and eating!  We were also witness to one incredible sunset!

Our second day (who can resist time on the lake and with friends?) was spent on the lake!  It was sunny and warm and a perfect day to sit on a dock or play in the water!

A highlight of the day was being offered a ride in this boat.  Neighbors across the lake own this 1920's boat and were kind enough to take us around the lake in her.  It is the most beautiful boat I've ever seen.  

Also?  There were doughnuts involved.  The doughnuts were available to purchase inside the local laundromat, naturally.  Of course, we couldn't resist.

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  1. What a special place! What wonderful people to share it with you. That certainly is a fine boat. Isn't it wonderful how children adapt to one another so quickly. Happy for you all.


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